Folk Songs of Canada Now

Folksongs of Canada Now: An Archive of New Field Recordings

collected by Henry Adam Svec


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I. Bonnie Lasses

  1. Come, You Women (Andrew Penner [Sunparlour Players])
  2. Nellie Coming Home from the Wake (Mathias Kom)
  3. Poor Little Girls of Ontario (Chris Eaton & Idris Eaton Reinsborough)
  4. Maiden (Andy Magoffin)
  5. Maggie Howie (Olenka Krakus)
  6. Little Indian Maid (Tara Beagan & Henry Adam Svec)
  7. Discussion About Recording Levels for “Sally Go Round the Sun” (Bryan Pole & Henry Adam Svec)
  8. Sally Go Round the Sun (Bryan Pole)


II. Men and Shantyboys

  1. Kelly the Pirate (Ajay Mehra)
  2. July 4 (Michael Duguay)
  3. Down by Your Shady Harbour (Henry Adam Svec)
  4. The Hobo's Grave (Ron Leary)
  5. Save Your Money While You're Young (Laura Barrett)
  6. Is the Life of a Man Any More Than the Leaves? (Wax Mannequin)
  7. Old Time Mountain Dew (Henry Adam Svec)


III. Nature, Community, Religion, War, and Newfoundland

  1. When the Ice Worms Nest Again (Jenny Omnichord)
  2. How We Got Back to the Woods This Year (Andrew Vincent)
  3. Come All Ye Bold Canadians (Song of the War of 1812) (Geoff Berner)
  4. The Banks of Newfoundland (Al Tuck)
  5. All Cats Are Grey in the Dark (Henry Adam Svec)
  6. Cruiskeen Lawn (El Ron Maltan)
  7. The Cold Black River Stream (Steph Yates)
  8. Is the Life of a Man Any More Than the Leaves? (Andrew  Sisk)



  • Authors/performers listed in parentheses (please see “Introductory Notes”); thus all songs (c) SOCAN 2011.
  • Alison Corbett plays fiddle on #2.
  • On #3, Idris Eaton Reinsborough on vocals and harmonica.
  • Sara Froese plays fiddle on #5, the recording of which was facilitated by Andrew James.
  • Tara Beagan knew words, and Henry Adam Svec music, for #6.
  • Ryan West plays mandolin, Andy Cragg plays flute, and Muddy and Bentleey bark on #10.
  • Bryan Pole sing harmonies on #20.
  • WL Altman plays guitar on #21. 
  • These recordings were mastered by Simon Larochette in London, Ontario.
Art by Kate Beaton
Label Fantastic! Ontario Arts Council


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