Folk Songs of Canada Now



I thank Colin, the great soundman at the TRANZAC who, when I was still just a performance artist, introduced me to the works of Edith Fulton Fowke.


I am grateful to have received support from the people of Ontario through an Integrated Arts Development Grant from the Ontario Arts Council, which was crucial to the completion of this project. 


I thank all my fellow communards in Althea Thauberger’s thematic residency at The Banff Centre (La Commune. Die Buhne. The Asylum.), and to the folks in the Banff Research in Culture residency, both of which happened this past spring of 2011. Your feedback and friendship really helped me to put the pieces of this archive into place. 


Thanks to the Roberts Street Social Centre in Halifax, too, where I was an artist-in-residence in their shed in 2010. I recorded a few good songs over in Dartmouth (including “Down By Your Shady Harbour”).


Thanks to the generous and supportive folks at Label Fantastic!


London (Ontario) is a great place to be a folklorist and a musician, and I’m grateful to everyone who works hard there to make it so.


Thanks to Derek Noon and Michael Daubs for all the computer and web-design help. Thanks to Isbel James for looking over a draft of the explicatory notes. And, thanks to Kate Beaton for doing the beautiful artwork.


As well, I should thank the many folks who have put me up over the past few years as I toured the country collecting songs (too many to list), especially my parents. 


Finally, I am forever indebted to the majestic Folk I have captured in Folk Songs of Canada Now. I am a different person now, having heard you all sing.

Art by Kate Beaton
Label Fantastic! Ontario Arts Council


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